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WWSz Life Jackets: How It Works

The Life Jacket program is an Angel Support Program. This means that anyone who wants to participate can purchase Life Jackets to support WWSz’s humanitarian efforts, and create an income for themselves at the same time.

Nothing sits still inside WorldWide SolutionZ. Everything is always working to increase the funding, the reach, the opportunities, and the results for the members and clients.

The same is true here. Money collected in the Life Jacket program is immediately secured and put to work to generate more income for the business, including the ability to pay participants 5% every week on their active Life Jackets.

As soon as you pay the $25 Registration Fee for the Life Jacket program, you can begin purchasing Life Jackets – as many as you want to, whenever you want to. (Current limits: $25k via external funding, no limit for repurchasing.)

Each Life Jacket costs $25 and has a life-span of 90 days. During that time, you will be paid 5% each week for 12 weeks. That’s $15 on each Life Jacket just for letting WWSz use your money to grow the business and help other people!

When the 90 days is over, the original $25 pops back up in your account balance. Did you notice what just happened? Your $25 became $40 while you were busy working on . . . Oh that’s right, you don’t have to do anything at all to earn this or make it happen.

Just purchase, relax, enjoy, rinse, and repeat.

Best Kept Secret . . . If you want it to be

Let’s be completely clear about something here. The money in the Life Jacket program is REAL money. You send real money, and we treat it like real money. We don’t leave it in the payment processors. We tuck it away safe and sound and put it to work instantly.

The 5% we pay you each week is also real money.

It’s not like in some programs where you accumulate so many units that you know for sure they will never, can never, be withdrawn to your pocket as real money.


Life Jackets are so real, you may not want to share exact account details with your friends. It will feel like talking about your bank account. And that’s truly what it is; a savings account that grows steadily every week, rescuing members and clients every day along the way.

Are Life Jackets Safe? *

Just like the Life Jackets you wear for boating safety when you’re out fishing in deep water, cruising around on the lake and any other time you’re splashing in the wet stuff, the WWSz Life Jackets are safe safe safe.

WWSz Life Jackets cannot be sunk.

 The Life Jacket program is self-sustaining.

 3rd party assurance stands as guarantee for every dollar you spend out of pocket.

 Additional layers of protection are provided by current and new business revenue.

* Do cats purr?

We love this question - it means that people are doing their due diligence and not just diving into the deep end (even if with Life Jackets securely in place). People say, “but the math doesn’t make any sense!” They just can’t see where there is cash in the system to pay the 5% earnings every week, and there’s a perfectly good explanation for that; you can’t see it because you don’t know where to look.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and enjoyed a meal or maybe a dessert or special sauce and loved it so much you asked if you could get the recipe so you could try to make it for yourself at home?

Most likely the response was along the lines of expressing delight that you had enjoyed it so much, then profuse thanks for your kind remarks, and finally advising you that it’s a secret recipe. While the wait staff would love to give you the details, it is after all proprietary information – it’s part of what sets that business apart from the competition, and so it is not shared with the public.

Let’s just say we can pay the 5% because of our “secret sauce”. Keep in mind that we have been in business for over 14 years and during that time we have developed a number of business associations and alliances. Our participation in these networks generates multiple income streams, including the cash to pay the

5% weekly earnings for the Life Jacket program.

Now that you understand the secret sauce behind the 5%,

we wish you peaceful nights and sweet Life Jacket dreams.


But where does the 5% come from?

 This is a long-term program. You do not have to hurry to get in or hurry to get out.

 Start with a little or a lot. Whatever is right for you will be perfect.

 It is entirely reasonable to expect that you can use the Life Jacket program to create significant income. Some WWSz members are already living off their weekly earnings from Life Jackets.

 Withdrawal requests in the Life Jacket program are subject to the 70/30 rule. 70% will go to your eWallet, and 30% will go into your repurchase amount. This is good for the program and it’s good for you – it keeps you from accidentally draining your account while you’re still learning the power of the program.

 The program tracks your purchases and ties the potential earnings to the funding processor. Choose your payment processors carefully so that you will be able to withdraw your earnings accordingly.

 Purchase wisely. Remember that the money you put in this program is locked in for 90 days. You will earn 5% every week for 12 weeks, and you can withdraw up to 70% if you choose.

 You can choose to withdraw up to 70% of your seed money when it becomes available after 90 days. Your account will grow faster if you continue to use your seed money to repurchase 100% and plan to withdraw only from your weekly earnings. It will grow fastest if you use all seed and earnings to repurchase 100% for a time.

 Everyone has their own set of circumstances and goals, so find a good calculator or spreadsheet and make a plan for your account based on what you can afford, what you are comfortable with, and what you would like to achieve. Then get started and work your plan. Build, build, build, and ENJOY!


Strategy – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Matrix and Compensation Plan
Matrixes can be confusing. Let’s fix that. 
In very simple terms, a matrix is just an organized 
method of keeping track of each member’s place as they 
enter an organization. 
Generally, the significance of these placements is the 
relationships to the surrounding members for 
determining values in assigning commissions or other 
compensation within the structure. 
The WWSz KickStart is one GIANT matrix that just 
keeps growing and growing and growing and growing. 
Inside of this giant matrix, you have your own mini 
giant matrix that will also keep on growing and growing. 
Your KickStart Matrix 
When you sign up in WorldWide SolutionZ, you become 
the head of your very own income-generating matrix. 
As people sign up using your affiliate link, or the links of 
your downline members, they will fill the empty spots in 
your matrix in a very orderly fashion. That will be their 
spot forever. There are no tricky moves or changing 
places or advancing to different levels. It’s all very 
simple and straight forward; the new guy goes into the 
first empty spot nearest to the top, left to right.
WWSz Matrix: How It Works 
The KickStart is a 5 x 8 matrix. This means that there are 5 
spots on your first level, and there are 8 levels included in 
the compensation plan. 
This illustration shows only the first three levels. You can 
imagine how big this screen would have to be to show you 
all eight! 

Your Matrix Is Not Your Own 
Ok, we need to talk. Remember when we said that as soon 
as you sign up in WorldWide SolutionZ, you get your own 
matrix? It’s true, you do. 
But it is more accurate to say that you get your own matrix 
“space” within the giant matrix. Your spots were there 
before you arrived. You’re just going to use them now. 
AND you are going to share. Not just if you want to, not 
just if someone says “please”, not just if you’re having a 
good day – you are going to SHARE. Period. 
AND your neighbors are going to share with you, too.
Sharing Makes Magic Happen 
Here’s how the sharing creates magic: 
When you signed up with your sponsor’s referral link, you 
became that member’s direct referral, and you were placed 
in their matrix according to their next open spot. It might 
have been in their 1st or 2nd level, or even in level 3, 4, 5, 6, 
7, or 8. 
No matter which spot you landed in, your spot - the head 
of your matrix - is actually in someone else’s 1st
 level. And 
it’s in someone else’s 2nd level. And it’s in someone else’s 
3rd level. And 4th, and 5th and 6th and 7th and 8th. 
The Team Concept 
Every spot in your matrix also belongs to a bunch of other people 
who want to fill it just as much as you do. So you see, you are not 
alone. You do not have to do all the work yourself to fill the spots in 
your matrix. 
There are 5 different ways that your spots can be filled. 
People in your upline add new members that fall into your matrix. 
Your upline’s referrals add new members that land in your matrix. 
You sign up Direct Referrals. 
Your referrals (and their referrals) bring in new members. 
Company spillover adds new members to your matrix. 
WWSz Terminology 
Member: Anyone who registers an account with WorldWide SolutionZ 
Upgraded Member: A member that has paid the $25 registration fee 
Sponsor: The person you signed up under 
Upline: Your sponsor and their sponsor and their sponsor, etc. 
Downline: All members in your matrix 
Direct Referral: A new member who signs up with your link 
Referral: Anyone in your downline 
Compensation: Money paid and /or Benefits awarded for work and achievement 
Commission: Money you can earn based on your downline 
Benefits: Non-monetary compensation 
Angel Bonus: Additional compensation paid upon qualification 
Spillover: Members who land in your matrix due to the efforts of others 

Understanding Spillover 
It is important to understand that there are two kinds of spillover in KickStart. You 
should know the differences and how each type of spillover works and affects your 
Upline Spillover: As your upline brings in referrals, some of those will land in your 
matrix. How many members you get in your matrix from this type of spillover 
depends on how active your upline people are with their recruiting efforts. 
Company Spillover: Members entering the program directly without signing up under 
an existing member’s affiliate link are evenly distributed across the membership base 
in a controlled manner, working from the upper left in the overall matrix to the lower 
right in one full pass before beginning from the top again. How many members you 
get in your matrix from this type of spillover depends on the number of people 
entering the program in this fashion, and how many empty spots are eligible in each 
spillover pass. As the membership numbers increase, so will the number of eligible 
spots. Keep in mind that even when there are thousands of members creating this 
spillover, the number of referrals assigned to any one individual’s matrix may 
accumulate quite slowly. Think of this spillover as a bonus. 
While spillover is the feature that makes it possible for people to benefit from 
KickStart without ever recruiting or signing up any members themselves, estimates 
suggest that it could take up to 3 years or more to complete all 8 levels of the 
program if you rely solely on spillover. 
 Compensation Qualification 
KickStart compensation applies to the entire downline in your matrix and is 
based on several factors: 
 1) Is the member upgraded? 
 2) Is the member your Direct Referral? 
 3) Which level is the member on? 
Let’s take these one at a time. 
1) If there’s no money, there’s no money. Members must pay the registration 
fee in order to generate commission for you. 
2) You earn a Sponsor commission for each direct referral. In addition, you 
earn Upline commission for every member in your downline. 
3) Commission amounts differ depending on where a member is located in 
your matrix. 

Compensation Chart